Saturday, December 24, 2005

Social Security Admin

Ever wondered how to access the Social Security Dept Admin office nearest you? Just go to the ssa.gov online site and browse around there for a day or two!
Yes, it's a HUGE site with tons of information including the Soc.Sec. Dept Admin office that you're desperately seeking for that critical bit of life support information.

Whether it's a disability matter or you're seeking to verify the state and year of issue of a SSN (social security number) then make sure you visit ssa.gov official homepage of the Administration now. Today.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How Do I Investigate Someone Online?

There are many investigative searches you can do online, without
having to be a professional P.I.

Why do searches produce varying results?

Keep in mind that your search is for public information. Each
individual state defines "public information" very differently. Some
states consider marriage licenses and birth certificates public
information, but require a fee to be paid to access these records and
only the individual, the individual's spouse or the individual's
parents are eligible to obtain these records. Other states provide
this information for free. Some states have yet to place their
state's information on the Internet, but more are everyday. Running
your searches again each week to see if new information has been
collected may later yield successful results.

Are there limits to what information I can find?

As long as the information is public you can obtain the information.
You legally cannot access sealed court documents, or ongoing law
enforcement investigations or bank account records. As more and more
information becomes public, our software will allow you to access the
updated information.

You can perform limited people searches at:





One investigative software tool that I personally use myself and
highly recommend for doing people searches is Net Detective.
Featuring an exclusive database of over 220 Million Americans, Net
is in fact, used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies and
private investigators all across the country. With this newest and
latest version you will be able to explore those dark, hidden corners
of the Internet that most surfers never find.

Editor PeopleSearch Tools

Saturday, December 03, 2005

US Social Security Admin.

If you're looking for SSN# trace or just number verification - you may be a pro American investigator or part of a law enforcement team, or an amateur doing Internet-based investigation - then this new web page relates to US Social Security gov Administration resources so go through there now and start your investigative work!

The SSA.gov web site is OK for history and general information such as disability eligibility and income supplementation - but we still recommend Net Detective tools to you for any database-searching tasks that you need such as US people search where the Florida-based Co. can offer you basic address level information on 211,500,000 U.S. citizens. That's a multi gigabyte searchable database for the USA!


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