Tuesday, February 05, 2008

RECESSION PROOF - 500 strategic ideas for investigation today 

Investigation is a business. Well at least it is for American P.I.s and law firms. For security Co.'s and surveillance experts. And therefore you'll need to think about surviving in the USA in the forthcoming recession!Anyone who wants to survive difficult economic times - - Listen up!Tried hypnotic marketing for lifting an economic recession? It may surprise you. Larry Dotson is an American marketer grounded in hypnotic-selling and this page is worthy of close investigation. Larry D. gives away a *Members Only* area (to you) containing 500-1,000+ secret marketing strategies previously unknown to 99.9 per cent of American people. That's totally awesome! Good news for private investigators wanting to expand operations? Yes sir.There is more and anyone can join as a member at no expense at all.Investigative Editor

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