Friday, April 18, 2008

Search Unlisted Telephone Number

Search Unlisted Phone Number Records Now!

Bonus: Reverse Phone Lookup

Net Detective Plus allows you to do these much-in-demand searches, after you join up. You might have just a phone number of a tradesman, for example, who did a really bad job and ripped you off - - so you want to do a reverse search on that number and discover the name and address behind the shifty person? No problem.

You might want to contact a long lost friend but you've discovered their phone number is unlisted for privacy reasons? No problem. Use Net Detective quickly, online to do a search for their unlisted telephone number.

There are many government departments in the U.S. sharing their database information with you under The Freedom Of Information Act, a Federal Law. For example, SSA.gov or The Social Security Administration, for SSN verification and the searchable death index.

Also, the DMV in California, and the county Court Records and state Criminal Records. These are just a few examples of files and records now available to you online, using the trusted web services of Net Detective. Compare 4 or 5 Internet Detective sites at that last link and see the difference for yourself.

Investigative Editor

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marriage Record Search

You can also do a county or state marriage record search in USA using Net Detective Plus, the investigator tool of choice for online investigators.

Amateurs can pay a once-off $29 and get 2 years of unlimited P.I. searches, while professionals can get the monthly subscription version, Net Detective Plus for $29.95 per month. There are also offender location services based on your zip code area. These tools run on reliable web servers because they carry multi-gigabyte databases.

I can thoroughly recommend these Public Record searching systems to you!

Investigative Editor.

P.S. also see divorce record search

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Birth Record Search

Most birth records in the U.S. are handled by the registrar in the county where the birth took place. In the early days in America, these birth records were also copied and compiled in microfilms and microfiches to avoid the wear-and-tear of the original paper form records.

Thankfully today, most birth records can now be accessed from your personal computer, online, for a faster and less tedious birth record search. You usually start births and deaths searching by joining Net Detective web based service online.

Investigative Editor.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Net Detective.com

I've been involved with this company since 1997 and I've seen all the changes in their products. The first Net Detective com was an ebook-like Windows(R) software application that you had to download. It needed a security key and had tabs inside for selecting different information areas, such as Social Security death index, or DMV, or criminal records or FBI.

In 2001-2002 it developed into a fully searchable web based service. Nowadays there is a massive in-house database of 211,500,000 US citizens. It's based in Deland, Florida. This is very fast growth, and the company has had over 800,000 happy customers so they've got to have something good going for them! There is also the National Alert Registry for finding local sex-offenders in your zip code area.

Investigative Editor.

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