Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scary Aussie Stats Expose US Gun Control Risk 

Newly Released: Shocking statistics of increased occurrences of dangerous armed robberies have recently been reported by a policeman in Australia - a country where tight new gun control laws were imposed. And where there was a half billion dollar buyback of semi-automatic weapons and hand guns. New Democrat candidates and other US pro gun control lobbyists, then, might need to quickly re-think their stance on hand gun law reform in this hot presidential election issue 2008 being debated right now across The United States of America. Think about it.....What does the second amendment really mean? Investigative Editor GPD.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gun Control Law

Around federal election time, gun control law raises its ugly head as a hot issue in the (presidential) election campaign in the United States. The debate pro and con gun control rages on with democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama promising wonderful security, law and order with increased hand gun control restrictions. Is this really a simple matter?

However, recent statistics from the Australian experience paint a very different picture: that new legislation there has resulted in increased levels of crime involving guns, because only the law-abiding citizens have given up their guns! Armed robberies there went up something like 44%. Homicides and assaults are both significantly up!

Read the full article with gun control statistics from Australia here to realize that taking away a citizen's lawful means of self-defense is a folly! The criminals still bearing hand guns know that they'll have the upper hand - after the 'disarming of the law abiding majority!'

Nancy Pelosi had better do her homework on this one, and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama....or it could backfire when crime statistics come out in the future. Read the article, please. Renew the serious debate.

Investigative Editor

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Social Security Administration.gov

It never fails to amaze me what words people use online to search for the US SocialSecurity.gov web site. Err, make that www.ssa.gov for the federal Social Security Administration.

Americans will type in .gov and .com variations like us department socialsecurity gov and all combinations and permutations under the sun. U.S. Dept and dept office are mixed in there in the searched-for combinations.

The official site as I said is www.ssa.gov and people have built web sites specifically designed to lead searchers to the official government homepage. The govt site has tons of useful material on disability and income supplementation and how to apply for these benefits. There is some more on history and blogs cover public discussion on the debate about Social Security reform as preferred by the outgoing president, Pres. George W. Bush.

So here is one of those pages from the private sector directing people to the official Social Security homepage. Follow the links as instructed to arrive at the government website.

You may also find some reference to third party tools for SSN verification of a number's year and state of issue.

Investigative Editor

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Reversephone Info Lookup Hub

What exactly is a reversephone or reverselookup Info Hub? Well, the one I found online today is an authoritative hub which includes a collection of useful articles and items about private investigative work. It's a simple web page but one which has particularly useful information about things such as ID theft and evidence, as well as links through to reverse phone lookup sites and tools.

Do pay a visit here and enjoy your investigative reading. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Investigative Editor

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