Friday, November 09, 2007

Social Security Administration.gov

It never fails to amaze me what words people use online to search for the US SocialSecurity.gov web site. Err, make that www.ssa.gov for the federal Social Security Administration.

Americans will type in .gov and .com variations like us department socialsecurity gov and all combinations and permutations under the sun. U.S. Dept and dept office are mixed in there in the searched-for combinations.

The official site as I said is www.ssa.gov and people have built web sites specifically designed to lead searchers to the official government homepage. The govt site has tons of useful material on disability and income supplementation and how to apply for these benefits. There is some more on history and blogs cover public discussion on the debate about Social Security reform as preferred by the outgoing president, Pres. George W. Bush.

So here is one of those pages from the private sector directing people to the official Social Security homepage. Follow the links as instructed to arrive at the government website.

You may also find some reference to third party tools for SSN verification of a number's year and state of issue.

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