Saturday, August 29, 2009

Net Detective Law Enforcement Edition

Announcing the elite, professional version of NetDetective, which is not limited to police or federal agents usage -- this law enforcement edition is the PLUS version which requires a monthly membership. Don't hesitate because it does more complete background checks and lets you dig deeper into public records such as county court: liens, bankruptcies, real estate property records, marriage records, divorce records and adoption files.

Get Social Security death index info and the verification of a SSN for state and year of original issue. More too, such as DUI and DWI and DMV records. The government has co-operated in the provision of public information because of federal freedom of information. Under FOIA provisions, even the FBI has to release information - for example, on famous people, celebrities, etc., as shown below in The Missing FBI Chapter!

Geoffrey P. Dodd
Investigative Editor, 2009.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Uncover FBI Files on Famous People

FBI Archives Exposed - Famous Ones: Opened Up

Hi Online Investigator,

Shocking material!

Did you know that during The Cold War
the FBI was investigating scientists,
famous singers, Hollywood stars --

Such was the paranoia about communism
and suspected political shenanigans?

I still can't believe the stuff
I just READ in here ..

Take a quick look for yourself, blog visitor.

Here is your intriguing FBI archives Missing Chapter:



Geoff D.
Investigative Editor

Get archived FBI Files on famous people in the USA.

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