Friday, December 28, 2007

New ID Theft And Instant Crime Video!

Watch as a real county sheriff explains to you how crime is happening in a flash on the coastal strip of Florida. This shocked me to see the brazen theft of a purse containing ID items, credit card. etc. in broad daylight at a local gas station.

Identity theft is a huge and fast growing problem as poor criminals try to catch up by stealing working people's ID cards, etc. Horrible. Lock 'em up, sheriff. Nasty slimeballs.

Visit the find a person site to view this video presented by a Florida county sheriff - he shows you footage of an ID theft occurring right before your very eyes!

Wow. Police action.

Investigative Editor.

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Did you react like me after investigating this? Surprised, shocked and astonished that Today's Business people can really be extremely generous to Americans after a bumper year? These 260+ (or more) gifts include fully operating software programs for marketing applications and various info-product e-books. Things of considerable total value in the thousands...

Hey what?! Perhaps there is a method in this wild seasonal madness, worthy of investigation by P.I.'s - but heck as I say, you've got to be in it to win it as they say. Explore and investigate this one.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Police Video Explains 4 ID Theft Types and Tactics in USA 

United States - Identity theft tactics in America are getting particularly scary. See, for example, this real life hit and run purse theft in a gas station. This police video urges all US citizens to take immediate action to protect themselves (i.e. yourself!) against very fast acting criminals in public places such as roadside gas stations along the coast of Florida where brazen ID theft crimes are now occurring frequently. Learn this policeman's teaching today or you'll lose your purse, credit card, wallet, license or laptop or worse - your personal ID. Just watch the video now. Investigative Editor: GD.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Compare Top Internet Detective Sites Online 

U.S. Government records such as Social Security Administration and DMV always prove to be extremely useful resources for background check work and this new web site allows you to compare five different online detective sites where your private investigations can start. Large, searchable public records databases are now available for most US counties and states in the USA. The various online access services supply differing levels of value for your quick comparison here.Enjoy the read and I hope you find the right service for your needs!Investigative Editor.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Records and File Searches:

Online Public Record Checks

New site has emerged that has all US government Public Records in one site conveniently for you, the researcher. This is a newie that is getting rave reviews because of the size of its searchable Government records databases!

Why should you get excited about this emerging Internet service?

A few reasons. It comprises...

100% legal and fully organized databases that a few clicks will get you into. Try this government records service then please give me your feedback in blog comments about this new American investigator's web service.


Investigative Editor.

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