Saturday, February 05, 2011

Private Investigator Needs Mind Power

Every detective agent, federal special agent, P.I. or private investigator operating in the United States needs copious quantities of Mind Power in order to adequately conduct interviews and interrogations. There is no alternative. You need mental toughness. Especially when working with gangs in the cities of Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago and New York City.

Some of you may not realize exactly what mental toughness and power of the mind is really about! It's not just some macho Schwarzenegger machine gun BS. No, not at all, as our Indian friends say, "not at all!"

Mind power is more a matter of controlling your own thoughts ... observing the mind, its wanderings and its repeated patterns of thinking - both consciously and unconsciously.

Even the mystical teachers have a lot to contribute to us westerners on this amazing subject of being tougher and having real, disciplined Mind Power:

The benefits of contemplating spiritual knowledge are as follows:

1. Reflecting on (and repeating) mantras of knowledge makes the soul feel powerful: it makes you aware of your powers and increases your self-respect. Any inferiority complex ends and one experiences oneself as a great and powerful ...soul. Self-confidence awakens as weak thoughts diminish: "I won't be able to do this. Will I succeed or not?" Strong thoughts emerge instead: "The Supreme Being himself is with me. I will definitely be successful." Such confidence and bravery is experienced which strengthens the soul to undertake any impossible task.

2. Natural and unruffled peace in my outlook: Churning takes us to the depths of the ocean of knowledge. The depth of knowledge finishes all our attractions. In the depths there are no storms, but only the peace and bliss of unlimited treasures.

3. The knowledge that we have becomes more real: and so we can give more effectively to others. We can use the jewels of knowledge in serving others. This knowledge will have much greater power and be of much greater help to others than any form of scholarly or bookish knowledge.

4. Our personality changes: Limited views and thought patterns which give birth to various obstacles can be finished by churning. (Repeating powerful spiritual knowledge!) Our outlook towards life becomes very broad and we become completely content internally so that name, fame, respect, insult, etc., don't affect us, they seem totally insignificant.

5. Natural bliss: By churning, spiritual knowledge becomes a source of bliss. Because of the spiritual happiness and intoxication that comes from churning, our faces will become radiant and we become instruments to attract other people towards spirituality.

6. Our concentration power increases: By acknowledging and not suppressing impure thoughts we will easily clear negative thoughts within a short period of time. Our concentration power will increase. We will be able to clear and burn impure or waste thoughts, and easily become an embodiment of positivity.

7. Thus: Stress is reduced.

In this way, real mind power is developed through your self discipline and your practice of mental concentration! This psychology is critical for private investigation work and even for our thousands of federal agents. So keep a broad mental and social outlook.

Investigative Editor, GPD.

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