Friday, October 20, 2006

All The Resources You Need

Now we have put in one place all the search resources you'll ever need for investigating people in the United States and for person searching in Australia.

With an emphasis on the Florida, USA based Net Detective and its competitor Web Detective, we show you areas where you can find what/who you're looking for. e.g. military personnel, or Social Security, or DMV record by state, or SSN# or criminal and court records in America.

Australia is more restricted because it is a conservative country under PM John Howard and The Privacy Act squashes many efforts by sincere information-seekers.

So for a summary of searchable Internet resources please go to people search pages and enjoy locating exactly what you want - or at least having a danged hard look for it!

These services provided by metro-flow creative in Australia. Investigative Editor is Geoff Dodd of Perth WA 6000.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Search U.S. Military Personnel

Now you can use NetDetective online database system, based in Florida, to lookup military records for the US Army, Navy and Marines and the Airforce. Don't expect to discover something about Iraq or Afghanistan, though, because The Pentagon and D.O.D. protects sensitive troop information when those soldiers are involved in a current theater of war.

It's more a case of finding historic records and posting records of US military personnel for family tree and family history research, genealogy and the like.

What rank did your great uncle hold in the army in Vietnam? Was he a Lieutenant or a Captain or a sergeant? Who was the 3 star General in Command in the Korean war, 1950-1953? Where is that ex marine cousin located today?

Net Detective helps you find missing people and lookup Court, Criminal and DMV, births, deaths, marriages, divorce and adoption and much more in civilian life.

Naval forces personnel served all across the world so searching for them would be a journey of discovery in itself!

GeoffD. Investigative Editor, October 17, 2006 5pm

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

US Government Public Info!

Huge multi-gigabyte databases of public government information are shared with U.S. citizens under freedom of information provisions in Fed law. Whether you want births, deaths, marriages, divorce, adoption records or criminal or US Court orders and records it's all there for you online - right at your fingertips!

For example if you live in, say, Sacramento California and you want to get instant access to Public Records then there is a way for you to start searching into the databases you need from Social Security or DMV or whatever your particular urgent info need is!

Across all 50 states you have varying degrees of record access. Let's take the state of Florida, City of Tampa and you need driving records or anything - - there's a resource for you to do your lookup of Government information.

Equally say for NYC New York you can become your own investigative researcher online and dig out the poop on some arch rival or bad neighbor or again - whatever your info needs are! This is powerful stuff and you can do it in utter privacy on your home/office computer. Any system at all. This is a totally web-based software system so there's nothing to download. Enjoy.

Investigative Editor.

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