Thursday, October 06, 2011

Compare Online Detective Sites

If you are looking for the best price and value with web based or Internet detective sites, I suggest you visit here to compare online detective sites. This site has been around since about 1999 so it is an authority site in the online investigation niche. Good services are accessible there at best price...

Note that this info is strictly for the USA only. No detective site is really global. Why? It's because laws are so very, very different in the various countries. Even comparing the United States to Canada. Australia, for instance, has extremely strict laws :: The Privacy Act 1988 for instance prevents any public records from being searchable on The Internet or - available, publicly!

It makes it difficult to assist anyone, too. You constantly need signed releases or full legal papers and it is a nightmare of red tape.

Anyway, just a quick note today to let you start comparing these various detective sites like Inteligator, Net Detective, PeopleSearch.com and all the others that have been competing since about last Century online! Good luck with the above site.

Investigative Editor

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