Thursday, October 21, 2010

Start a Private Investigation in USA

Welcome to Inteligator, the newest and most cutting-edge web based investigation tool on The Internet. This powerful system is suitable for professional private detectives and investigators in the U.S. as well as for Internet-connected amateurs wanting to search public records or attempt to locate a lost family member or a long lost friend

P.I.'s and law enforcement agents jump at this information search system, because it's powered by the C.I.S. or Complete Investigation Services - an integrated system that searches through 2 billion records in over a thousand databases.

Enjoy your investigations whether you're a P.I. or a federal agent or a home office based searcher. Ideal for general purpose use because it simply delivers!

Investigative Editor, Saturday, 23 October, 2010

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

People & Relationships - How To Investigate Online 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Birth Records By State

Americans searching for birth records or wanting to find a death record in the Social Security Death Index will be happy to know that a new web site has appeared for U.S. vital records by state.

Vital records are those about our essential family life: Birth Records, Deaths, marriages and divorce records. These are the files that define our vital characteristics or the path of our very mortality. These files relate to fertility and how the population is reproducing itself when sheer numbers are considered, such as at Census time.

Investigators need to confirm these facts and so massive databases are now available within the category of U.S. Public Records, or searchable public information archives. Everything is of course computer driven with multi-terabyte computer databases of social information.

Such vital records for the United States are organized by state, because the county level is rather too small for national archive access, but the federal level is too big and unwieldy, when you consider that births and deaths, marriages and divorces do in fact happen at the local community level of family life.

If you disagree or you have more information to add to this blog post about American Vital records, then please - be my guest - and don't hesitate to make a blog comment here, adding your useful opinion and/or further information on the subject. Thank you in advance..

Investigative Editor, GPD.

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Marriage & Divorce Records

New for USA is a state organized site for searching marriage & divorce records. The states of larger population densities such as California, Texas, Florida and the northeastern states like New York, Pennsylvania and over to Washington State in the west are more highly represented on the site.

Searchers for data about marriages and divorces can simply select a state that's close or adjoins their state, then select a drop down box to find their exact state. The site provides a lot more information than just marriages and divorces info. For example, investigators have recently been using this site for performing complete, full background checks on criminals and on applicants for various top secret roles in The United States.

Test out this new data resource site if you work as a private investigator in the USA or if you're a highly fascinated amateur online investigator. We're all working to make America a safer and richer place at the moment.

Investigative Editor

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Inteligator Review - Perform Instant Background Checks

By Thomas K

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were wishing you could do a background check? Or that you should have done one already? If you want to get associated with someone, in any possible way a background check can be of extreme importance. Let's say that you want to hire someone for a very sensitive job, or that you want to deal on a personal basis with someone whom you have to check because the whole deal assumes some great importance. Checking someone's background is not always something negative or bad; it's not something most people should feel weird about, although they do, because there is no easy or not-weird way to do it. The Inteligator is the application you have probably been looking for.

1. What Is The Inteligator?

The Inteligator is an investigation service, able to conduct background search to anyone's background and inform you on any worth mentioning details. It is a service able to conduct any record search, having access to more than 1 billion records and 300 million criminal files. These numbers practically assure you that there is no chance that someone could escape the Inteligator's search. Or that anyway these chances are truly limited.

2. What Does The Inteligator Do?

How can the Inteligator be so successful and so effective? Here are its characteristics and features that make it stand out from anything else you have tried so far:

Is Inteligator a scam? Visit http://www.millionsreview.com/inteligator-review.html to read a FREE report and find out the truth about this Full Background Check Website before you join!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Thomas_K


Notes from the Investigative Editor:

1. I thought I would include this excellent article from EzineArticles.com where, incidentally, I am also classed as an 'expert author.' This switch to an emphasis on Inteligator signals the need for more and more sources of information; info-diversity if you will, to satisfy the hungry info needs of the planet. Did you know that the total digital information supply is now equal to one million times the data available in all the libraries in the United States? It's a fact.

2. In The United States, far and away the largest bulk supplier of digital data for investigative people search tasks, is the U.S. Government, when considered at all three tiers of its structure:

i) federal gov; ii) state government; iii) county jurisdiction, organization and administration. Each of the 3 levels produces its own copious data of court records, findings and legal determinations.

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Social Security SSA Gov Administration

Did you know that you can verify a social security number for year and state of original number issue? Yes, the SocialSecurity Administration allows validation or verification of an SSN for the state and the actual year of first issue of that number. This helps the department of human resources or personnel to ensure that any SSN given is genuine, and not stolen or worse - from a person who may in fact be a deceased person.

Illegal immigrants into the USA have been known to use stolen or fraudulent Social Security cards in order to establish an identity that 'looks' legal and authorized. The Admin actively clamps down on these individuals and prosecutes people abusing the card system, which in fact is like a de facto ID card for the United States of America.

The SSA.gov or www socialsecurity gov is where you can read about the department's policies and its provisions for the disabled and for those who need supplemental income support. The SSA also has pages on its history and how things have come to develop to their present state. There is some question now about the unfunded liabilities of the U.S. federal government and just how 'solvent' it is, long term, for being able to fulfill its financial obligations towards an aging population in this massive area of social security pension and benefit support.

Also, generally speaking, the SSN lookup access is rather restricted to the general American public - except of course for official investigators like the FBI agent legally doing an ongoing investigation, to solve a major crime such as a felony. As I mentioned earlier, you can verify a social security number and you can openly search the SSDI or death index to locate people's records for purposes such as doing a family genealogical lookup to create a tree of your family history. Good luck with your family information searching efforts under the federal freedom of information provisions. You'll need it. But most departments must comply, unless national security might be compromised.

Investigative Editor

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Find Someone's Address From Cell Phone Number

If you're searching in the U.S. for the address of a person, then consider the method of entering their cellphone number in a form online; i.e. reverse cell phone lookup. This method can reveal the account holder's name and address, or even expose their history of addresses and job history as well.

You see the C.I.S. system used at Inteligator is designed to reveal all of this, and more, just from the reverse phone search. So if you want to search for someone in the USA then consider these information tools provided by Complete Investigation Services, or C.I.S. Some rely simply on searching the white pages Broward County Florida, for example, when they think that a private investigator is too expensive for them and down in Florida they can truly get costly, because of the risks imposed by criminals -- but the individual amateur ought to take advantage of their absolute anonymity on The Internet, don't you think... and use a totally web based system for their people search tasks... just as the pro investigators now admit that they do!

Just a thought! Oh well, the days of slogging the streets in an attempt to dig out information are long gone. Those days belong to the 1920s - 1950s. Get modern. Use your Internet-connected computer!

Investigative Editor, GPD.

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