Monday, October 04, 2010

Social Security SSA Gov Administration

Did you know that you can verify a social security number for year and state of original number issue? Yes, the SocialSecurity Administration allows validation or verification of an SSN for the state and the actual year of first issue of that number. This helps the department of human resources or personnel to ensure that any SSN given is genuine, and not stolen or worse - from a person who may in fact be a deceased person.

Illegal immigrants into the USA have been known to use stolen or fraudulent Social Security cards in order to establish an identity that 'looks' legal and authorized. The Admin actively clamps down on these individuals and prosecutes people abusing the card system, which in fact is like a de facto ID card for the United States of America.

The SSA.gov or www socialsecurity gov is where you can read about the department's policies and its provisions for the disabled and for those who need supplemental income support. The SSA also has pages on its history and how things have come to develop to their present state. There is some question now about the unfunded liabilities of the U.S. federal government and just how 'solvent' it is, long term, for being able to fulfill its financial obligations towards an aging population in this massive area of social security pension and benefit support.

Also, generally speaking, the SSN lookup access is rather restricted to the general American public - except of course for official investigators like the FBI agent legally doing an ongoing investigation, to solve a major crime such as a felony. As I mentioned earlier, you can verify a social security number and you can openly search the SSDI or death index to locate people's records for purposes such as doing a family genealogical lookup to create a tree of your family history. Good luck with your family information searching efforts under the federal freedom of information provisions. You'll need it. But most departments must comply, unless national security might be compromised.

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