Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Use your smart phone to spy on anyone 

Use Your Smartphone To Spy on Anyone

 The era of mobile smartphones defines the 21st Century. Apps have meant an explosion of applications has been seen, Worldwide. Almost anything can be done with mobile cellphones now - communications, video, banking, booking your travel, online shopping, and now private investigation in the USA only, under federal FOIA laws.

Spying has never been so easy!

Using your U.S. smart phone to spy on anyone in the USA. (only...  follow your laws!) Spying has never been so easy in terms of permitted Public Records, etc. Remember the privacy provisions...

Which type of smartphone do you use?  App downloads here:


Click For iPHONE

Thanks for testing this wonderfully effective mobile phone investigation system, today!

What Information Do You Want to Find Out?

Geoff Dodd
Mobile Investigation Editor
for USA


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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Whose Cell Phone Number Is This 

Whose Cell Phone Number Is This?

Who owns this cell phone number?

Tracing cellphone numbers is quite easy, once you're online! The problem of who is the owner of a certain cell phone number is solved when you put the number in an online web form. Investigators and anyone with an Internet connection can easily do it at our latest resource, information site.

Test Out Reverse Cellphone Lookup

How did that work out?
Reverse phone lookup for US cellphone and landline customers.

Please note that reverse residential landline (or fixed phone) number lookup is also available online for the United States.

Are you feeling stressed, about the possible abusive use of cellphones that happens these days? Specifically, are you getting the unwanted attention of prank callers, those harassing pests who sometimes present as marginally criminal? What can be really frightening, though, is the ominous sound of so-called 'heavy-breathers' - causing your imagination to play havoc with your mind as if the NYC underworld is on the other end of the cell phone!

What can you do to reveal the identity of the nuisance caller?

You might be happy to learn that various reverse cellphone lookup services have emerged for North America - especially since September, 2001 with the awakening of increased vigilance generally and the emergence of more electronically based community protection systems.

Thousands of Americans have been accessing these new, web based telephone number search systems provided with the cooperation of the major Telecoms companies. People are typically saying that these online search services are useful to them, particularly for the retrieval of additional U.S. public records, where these are available. There are even P.I. (private investigator) reports about the wide scope of online search services, their new time-efficiency and database accuracy. Possibly, this is all because computer and Internet based systems work constantly, night and day, allowing increased flexibility in working hours. The computer systems allow professionals to hunt down a lot more investigative sources, as well as various numbers of Telco company white pages services inclusive of reverse cellular directories, across the entire USA.

The large number of telephone companies in The United States complicates the provision of one central, national lookup service. Additionally, there are many types of second tier 411 services, telephone service organizations, 'criss-cross' directories, unlisted mobile and landline number directory services, further compounded by all the varying state government regulations on the usage of cell phones and fixed telephones.

Databases required to facilitate an advanced reverse cell mobile lookup or a local, unlisted phone number search are quite complicated because of the need for integration. That is, all companies need to be searched simultaneously. This has been achieved by a system known as Complete Investigation Services, or C.I.S.

The CIS reverse search facility links up about a thousand different databases. It provides additional information such as a phone account holder's history of known addresses. If there are any criminal records associated with the account holder, then these public records are also listed, according to the service providers.

Reverse Search Mobile Directory Features:

If you are angry about some infuriating prank caller, but you are quite apprehensive about what, if anything, to do about it; for example, how to acquire that person's identity, then you can relax a little. The simple action of inserting a caller's number in a web form can glean you some or most of the following information:

o Historical: Full Background Check with past history government files & records

o Criminal Record: county and state government public records to assist above checks

o Circuit Court Records: includes findings, liens, bankruptcy, etc.

o Marriage Records: plus divorce filings and family history data

o Property Records: land ownership and more very useful information.

o Extra Personal Background Data from three tiers of government

The online web page resulting from a reverse telephone number search provides you a large selection of information. Some may be relevant to your purposes while other information may be quite irrelevant and should be disregarded and disposed of. Gathering the public information is protected by the Freedom Of Information Act. The question of legality arises around how you eventually use the information that was obtained from CIS.

Consequently, even prank cell phone callers and nuisance callers can be traced, tracked down and investigated using online tools. However, the action of bringing them to justice must only be undertaken by authorized police officers. You are always responsible for your own actions, so don't take the law into your own hands. Let the local area police deal with it.

In summary, huge databases online can in fact deliver you full background reports on the pranksters, pests and criminals who may be currently causing you harassment and unpleasantness. Much associated data is accessible. A simple web form is the tool you require, worked on a case by case basis. This is how professional investigators do it and many folk simply don't realize that the tools are available to all United States citizens with an Internet connection.

With the full background report that is made, you get a person's name, current address and where available, the address location history. Acquire any recorded criminal activities records, county circuit court records as well as the entire range of legal American public records under The Freedom of Information Act, which is a US Federal Law.

So thank you for your visit to my blogspot page. I am positive that you will be 'over the moon' about your new information-gathering and investigative skills. You will quickly be able to find any needed data in the full background report.. This becomes rather easy with a reverse cellphone lookup facility online today. Beat the prank callers and the harassment pests once and for all. Regain the freedoms of our hi tech existence. Use your mobile smartphone, landline or regular cellphone in peace.

I trust you got a full printout from your Reverse Phone Check today!

Geoff D.
Investigative Editor

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

How Social Media Has Affected People Search Tools 

How Social Media Has Affected People Search Tools

The demise of The Net Detective

Social media sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Plus have just about replaced the old private investigator tools we used to see splattered across The Internet. Remember the Net Detective? I believe that Harris Digital Publishing paid out a total of about five million dollars to its Internet affiliates. This figure could have included the subsequent owner, HD Publishing, or was it Intrigue? -- or were they the operator of Web Detective? There were big volumes of sales with online detective sites!  Inteligator.com was probably the best one -- run by C.I.S. (Complete Investigation Services) as there were distinct levels of data available for comprehensive background checks in the U.S.A.

But social media, and especially facebook.com, changes a lot, you know... When there are a true billion numbers of members, that becomes the largest people search database. You just need to log in to your facebook page and search up in the top web form. Search for anything. A private name, a local business company, an interest or a hobby group. You will get a lot of unknown results in there, too. Same with Twitter. They don't have Google's sophistication with specific searching, do they? Not by a long shot. MySpace is worse...

So although social media sites have more people in their person lookup, business searching databases --  use Google search engine or a specialized background check service like Inteligator.com because they filter and find data better! They can cover American criminal records, births and deaths, marriage and divorce data, adoptions, Court findings, liens, property and bankruptcies and many hundreds more areas of information search, subject to Federal and State Law(s) and empowered by the U.S. federal Freedom Of Information Act. Stay within your local laws when searching with such a very powerful tool, as Inteligator.

Geoff Dodd

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