Thursday, October 24, 2013

How Social Media Has Affected People Search Tools 

How Social Media Has Affected People Search Tools

The demise of The Net Detective

Social media sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Plus have just about replaced the old private investigator tools we used to see splattered across The Internet. Remember the Net Detective? I believe that Harris Digital Publishing paid out a total of about five million dollars to its Internet affiliates. This figure could have included the subsequent owner, HD Publishing, or was it Intrigue? -- or were they the operator of Web Detective? There were big volumes of sales with online detective sites!  Inteligator.com was probably the best one -- run by C.I.S. (Complete Investigation Services) as there were distinct levels of data available for comprehensive background checks in the U.S.A.

But social media, and especially facebook.com, changes a lot, you know... When there are a true billion numbers of members, that becomes the largest people search database. You just need to log in to your facebook page and search up in the top web form. Search for anything. A private name, a local business company, an interest or a hobby group. You will get a lot of unknown results in there, too. Same with Twitter. They don't have Google's sophistication with specific searching, do they? Not by a long shot. MySpace is worse...

So although social media sites have more people in their person lookup, business searching databases --  use Google search engine or a specialized background check service like Inteligator.com because they filter and find data better! They can cover American criminal records, births and deaths, marriage and divorce data, adoptions, Court findings, liens, property and bankruptcies and many hundreds more areas of information search, subject to Federal and State Law(s) and empowered by the U.S. federal Freedom Of Information Act. Stay within your local laws when searching with such a very powerful tool, as Inteligator.

Geoff Dodd

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