Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Use your smart phone to spy on anyone 

Use Your Smartphone To Spy on Anyone

 The era of mobile smartphones defines the 21st Century. Apps have meant an explosion of applications has been seen, Worldwide. Almost anything can be done with mobile cellphones now - communications, video, banking, booking your travel, online shopping, and now private investigation in the USA only, under federal FOIA laws.

Spying has never been so easy!

Using your U.S. smart phone to spy on anyone in the USA. (only...  follow your laws!) Spying has never been so easy in terms of permitted Public Records, etc. Remember the privacy provisions...

Which type of smartphone do you use?  App downloads here:


Click For iPHONE

Thanks for testing this wonderfully effective mobile phone investigation system, today!

What Information Do You Want to Find Out?

Geoff Dodd
Mobile Investigation Editor
for USA


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