Thursday, October 07, 2010

Marriage & Divorce Records

New for USA is a state organized site for searching marriage & divorce records. The states of larger population densities such as California, Texas, Florida and the northeastern states like New York, Pennsylvania and over to Washington State in the west are more highly represented on the site.

Searchers for data about marriages and divorces can simply select a state that's close or adjoins their state, then select a drop down box to find their exact state. The site provides a lot more information than just marriages and divorces info. For example, investigators have recently been using this site for performing complete, full background checks on criminals and on applicants for various top secret roles in The United States.

Test out this new data resource site if you work as a private investigator in the USA or if you're a highly fascinated amateur online investigator. We're all working to make America a safer and richer place at the moment.

Investigative Editor

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