Monday, October 11, 2010

Birth Records By State

Americans searching for birth records or wanting to find a death record in the Social Security Death Index will be happy to know that a new web site has appeared for U.S. vital records by state.

Vital records are those about our essential family life: Birth Records, Deaths, marriages and divorce records. These are the files that define our vital characteristics or the path of our very mortality. These files relate to fertility and how the population is reproducing itself when sheer numbers are considered, such as at Census time.

Investigators need to confirm these facts and so massive databases are now available within the category of U.S. Public Records, or searchable public information archives. Everything is of course computer driven with multi-terabyte computer databases of social information.

Such vital records for the United States are organized by state, because the county level is rather too small for national archive access, but the federal level is too big and unwieldy, when you consider that births and deaths, marriages and divorces do in fact happen at the local community level of family life.

If you disagree or you have more information to add to this blog post about American Vital records, then please - be my guest - and don't hesitate to make a blog comment here, adding your useful opinion and/or further information on the subject. Thank you in advance..

Investigative Editor, GPD.

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