Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Search U.S. Military Personnel

Now you can use NetDetective online database system, based in Florida, to lookup military records for the US Army, Navy and Marines and the Airforce. Don't expect to discover something about Iraq or Afghanistan, though, because The Pentagon and D.O.D. protects sensitive troop information when those soldiers are involved in a current theater of war.

It's more a case of finding historic records and posting records of US military personnel for family tree and family history research, genealogy and the like.

What rank did your great uncle hold in the army in Vietnam? Was he a Lieutenant or a Captain or a sergeant? Who was the 3 star General in Command in the Korean war, 1950-1953? Where is that ex marine cousin located today?

Net Detective helps you find missing people and lookup Court, Criminal and DMV, births, deaths, marriages, divorce and adoption and much more in civilian life.

Naval forces personnel served all across the world so searching for them would be a journey of discovery in itself!

GeoffD. Investigative Editor, October 17, 2006 5pm

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