Thursday, June 03, 2004


Net Detective has always sold like hotcakes. Now YOU can easily earn 40% commissions as a Reseller of this web-based Investigative TOOL, that over 750,000 people are raving about!

Affiliate marketing is a growing and booming business because anyone with a web site can take part. Just place some text links or a banner and immediately you can start delivering targeted customers into the computers of Harris Digital Publishing in Florida - the home of Net Detective.

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Hey Blogger, I am conducting some research on various Detective sites and ran across this page. Even though it wasn't "exactly" what I was searching for, I think the readers of "this post" still might be interested in reading our review of Detective sites and other similar websites. As you know, the more information people have before spending their hard earned money, the better. Sorry for the self-promotion, just trying to get the word out while looking for more sites to review. On to the next -- Thanks!
The internet continues to amaze me. I was using Google to do some research on “Net Detective” and it led me to your site. I am writing product reviews so this is not the best fit… but nonetheless I found your posts to be pretty interesting. I never would have found your site without a little misdirection in by Google... glad I did.
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