Friday, December 10, 2004

Find a missing person, Fast!

In the year 2000 I made a site designed for people search in the United States, as an avid affiliate of Harris Digital's Net Detective product which incidentally went on to get 750,000 users and to run a US Citizen database of over 211,500,000 from their Deland, Florida headquarters. HDP have since increased this database markedly and added more categories -including criminal s^x offenders.
The site is graphically excellent and if you'd like to see.. here it is!

People Search in USA find missing person

Then for Australia we developed a compilation of quite hard-to-find Internet investigative resources. There are many 'pretenders' in this marketplace, including very small private investigators and hopefuls trying to push Web Detective, an American product, on to the Australian population. The refund rate speaks volumes whenever you need to assess the performance and acceptance of an investigative product.

Basically -simply, you need to be in the country, know the laws, live with the electoral process, the electronic media, read the local newspapers and watch TV. That is, participate in the day-to-day life of a country -Australia, before you can develop a product such as Social Investigation...
heck, you can't even do a Background check legally in Australia unless you're a financial institution? (maybe) or a law enforcement agency! Privacy Laws are really strict in Australia and New Zealand.

Anyway, here's the Aussie Investigator product lead-in...

People Search in Australia

The Person Finder site map focuses on the USA searching needs and is here:-

USA people search Site Map

There are searches by State available as well as adoption lookup and many more public records in the USA catered for, though always remember you'll find State and County differences. Court records and court orders are across 50 States.


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