Saturday, December 11, 2004

Peoplesearch Resources Sites: USA

Top resources site for location of lost and missing persons, is provided here with in-house databases of well over 212 million Americans: (Florida USA based):


This service was started in 1996 in Florida and is now used by hundreds of Law Enforcement agents right across America. It is fully endorsed by the National Association of Independent Private Investigators -N.A.I.P.I.

There are two levels of involvement: 1. Basic subscription for $29 (includes a free credit report and 2 bonus software downloads ; 2. Net Detective PLUS for 29.95 monthly - the serious professional P.I. option which has expanded reach into databases including the Social Security Death Index and sexual offenders [zip code ref].


Find a person by street address lookup. Also by email, phone, incl unlisted telephone numbers!

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