Sunday, May 04, 2008

New York Police Records

Hey.. it's fascinating just what you can dig up on The 'Net. I just found interesting information about undercover operations carried out by the New York City Police back in 2004, regarding a GOP conference. The writer hinted at 'spying' undercover, to protect the greatest city in The United States. Well.. I'm not complaining or criticizing buddies. Just stating what I've read.

I fully understand that after 2001 you have to be extremely vigilant. Evil forces are constantly at work, cowardly and bastardly. The site I'm (still) reading focuses more on NY state criminal records than on NYC records, per se. Areas like court and criminal records, marriages and divorce, tax liens, property, NY DMV and the full gambit of complete background check work. OK, it's a bit broad spectrum but once you've joined StateRegistry or StateRecords.org the world's your investigative oyster, my friend!

I visited Ground Zero last year with my daughter who works for an international airline and we made a point of chatting with local New York City policemen. The local court circuit was another place of interest for court records as we had some investigative work to do about a civil case. The judgement will be appearing soon. Anyway - loved NYC, the contrast of Central Park green trees with the stark high rise buildings of drab brown and gray hues. We rode the subway and felt uneasy. We walked The Brooklyn Bridge and climbed the Empire State Building. Felt ecstatic. Truly in awe of the greatest city in the world. No question.

Finally, we walked back to Raddison Martinique on Broadway, fast walking a large section of Manhattan Island. Up that road Jerry Seinfeld used to talk about: Lafayette Avenue: with traffic calming for a complete street division, the authorities say. OK. That's my memories of the apple's core. Finally, you, as an Internet based American investigator, can see the truth in - and the value of New York people search systems online that are based on state government records, the federal law of F.O.I.A. and public information, because these files give clues as to changes in address and location. The Internet. Sigh...

Investigative Editor:: GD.

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