Thursday, May 01, 2008

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Ideas for tracing and tracking people behind prank, nuisance, 'heavy-breathing' calls

Private investigators know the answers already and have a strong arsenal of tools at their disposal for Reverse Cell Phone Lookup work, on a daily basis. It's really as simple as falling off a barstool for them. Their job is to basically gather evidence, in as short a time as possible, using effective tools.

In this case the P.I. tools are, of course, Internet based. To trace cellular phone numbers, you're in luck because I have insider access to a system, legally, where you bring up a web page that has a FORM with 3 boxes in it. The boxes have the format: 555 - 555 - 5555 representing a standard mobile phone number. Searches done there can return name, address, background information and maybe even more. Legal for USA only.

This is NOT only a USA mobile phone directory. It is an integrated database system that brings together many sources of 'people information' - exactly what the professionals use right across America! Even law enforcement like NYPD and LAPD, etc.

Information in these powerful databases can quickly assist you in locating a cell phone, because of the REVERSE nature of the search! Remember the old Crisscross Directories? Backwards-searching is something that's banned in Australia but in The United States, reverse number look up for cell phones and for landlines is allowed and is legal public information.

The federal provision of F.O.I.A. freedom of information helps keep America transparent as far as possible without breaching national security. Citizens, then, can search US Public Records freely online using web based applications. These are provided by private third party companies such as ReverseMobile.com who also have database look up facilities for residential phone number listings, landline or 'fixed' line - - both listed and unlisted telephone numbers!

So the scope is very wide for telephone investigation work to easily locate that prank or nuisance caller. Get their name and address using our service and if you wish, report them to your county, state or federal police. Law enforcement can only be done by the proper authorites.

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