Tuesday, June 03, 2008

DMV Record Search - Do It Yourself!

OK - for USA now if you're willing to 'do-it-yourself'
then please simply click the large form-style image
shown in blue immediately above:-


Driving Records: $30.00 (US), $40.00 (Non-US)
• Certified Driving Records: $35.50
• Registration Search $25.00
• Accident Reports $25.00
• All Vehicles Reg. $25.00 (1st Vehicle),$15.00 additional
• Title History Search $45.00
• Insurance Search $30.00
• Criminal $35.00
• Copies of Tickets $30.00
• Driver License Photos $30.00 (7 States only)
• Credit Reports $35.00 (Equifax , Business Experian)

Driver Records: (TAT: Same day to 5 days pending on the State) all
States, Australia, Bermuda, Canadian Providences (Alberta, British
Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, New Foundland, Northwest
Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Princes Edward island, Quebec,
Saskatchewan, Yukon ) Non- US Countries will require more time (1 to
25 days)

Others: Guam, Ireland, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands
(St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas)

Certified Driving Records also available.

All Vehicle Registration Searches: States not available at this time:
Hawaii, Kentucky, Montana, Oklahoma, Utah, and Washington.

Insurance Searches: States not Available at this time: Hawaii,
Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,
Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Registration: States not available at this time: Rhode Island

Title History Searches: States not available at this time: District
of Columbia, Hawaii, Nebraska, (Nevada; will have an additional per
page fee of 1.00)

Driver License Photo Searches: Only seven available states:
Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, (update:
Pennsylvania is no longer available, Minnesota; Restricted to Law-
enforcement, child support enforcement only).
Investigative Editor:: GPD

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