Monday, July 28, 2008

Phone Prank Call from Mobile Caller

This info refers to the vexing problem of prank calls and nuisance phone calls. Sometimes they amount to criminal harassment. People often feel helpless. The good news is that you CAN now do something about criminal harassment by cell phone or by fixed landline telephone.

You can visit the ReverseMobile site and simply insert their phone number in an online web form. You'll get out a name and address and a history of addresses. Even, often you'll get a substantial Full Background Report on the owner of the cellphone or landline telephone account. Now that's technology working for the good guys!

Let's work together to beat the cowardly heavy-breathers of cell phone harassment crime. Those darn public nuisances of the hi tech air waves. Justice and law enforcement must always prevail and we're definitely here to help in that good cause!

Investigative Editor, GPD.

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