Thursday, July 24, 2008

Useful Site Building Free Resources:

My favorite places for building a web page absolutely free
are 1. Hubpages, and 2. Squidoo

They are remarkably similar sites for churning out 'lenses'
or 'hub pages' - - on ANY subject under the sun!
Briefly, here are three pages built with these rapid-building
web page systems. Free to use by anyone.

Both these 2 pages are on a topic highly relevant to this blog's
investigative theme. That's the subject area of doing a telephone
reverse search. Especially using ReverseMobile to do a cell phone
reverse search here:-

So try these two page builders for yourself, at Hubpages.com
and at Squidoo.com You could excel yourself and really create
something wonderful there for distribution over the world wide
web. Just get started by visiting one of the 3 immediately above.

You'll be extremely happy you did.

Investigative Editor, Geoff P. D.

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