Saturday, October 27, 2007


In the United States there are many reasons why you might want to do a reverse lookup of a phone number to arrive at someone's name and address.

It could be a questionable business matter and you only had a telephone number to go by, albeit a business landline number or a mobile or cell phone number. It could be a personal matter or a heavy-breathing offender or a prank caller, where the caller ID is visible in your phone's display.

In the second case you just see a missed call or a received call identified by the telephone number - - and you'd really, really like to find out what name and address go with that phone number! You might want to investigate the matter further, or put information in the hands of your local police.

Reverse look-up then is ideal for you. You simply go to the web based service of choice and type the number into an online form. In Canada, this can be done through Infospace and in the USA you can use NetDetective. You'll definitely get name and address revealed in a matter of seconds....

Many people actively search for free reverse cell phone lookup and that is a little harder but is not impossible to find at all in the U.S. The shift towards mobility and cellphones has been massive and so the directories are starting to appear now that give you these facilities for searching cell phone numbers as well as fixed landlines.

Convergence of digital services including The Internet and GPS, music radio and MP3 as well as photo taking has clearly been achieved now on PDA's and mobile phones and the landline may eventually become a thing of the past.

Let's just hope that broadband services get faster and cheaper on our mobile devices.

Geoff D.
Investigative Editor.

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