Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New Service! Webstigate for Government Records

Are you or your company's HR department currently hiring a person for a job? If yes, you might have checked the person’s credentials, etc., by pre-employment screening - but are you really sure of all the information that has been provided to you by the job prospect?

Remember: You have to check that person’s:-

o Background History
o Criminal Record - if any!
o Court Record and driving records? DUI?
o Work Licenses, addresses, cell phone, etc.

Not always an easy task.

But you can now find all this information and much, much more at just one government records search place- Webstigate.com. It is by far the best and the most efficient place to search for these kinds of critical government records and hot information and considerably more. Listen.. Our rigorous tests have proved the new website to be providing information instantly and accurately, thereby proving to be one of the most reliable information sources available on The Internet today.

So, register with the Webstigate.com web site and be constantly informed.

This is a highly recommended U.S. Gov investigative info source, though it is privately owned.

Geoff D.

Investigative Editor

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